Clinical Program Consultation

I offer clinical consultation to those seeking support in the following areas:

  •  Developing policies and procedures addressing MediCal documentation.

  • Developing policies and procedures addressing employee and staff expectations.

  • Developing programs to include full-time, part-time and on-call positions and job descriptions 

  • Developing policies and procedures to adhere to STRTP and CCL guidelines,

  • Developing policies and procedures for Hospital Diversion and step down programs, and trauma informed care

  • Trauma informed therapeutic program development for Short Term Residential Treatment Programs (STRTP) 

  • Trauma informed therapeutic program development for Hospital Diversion, Partial Hospitalization Program, and Intensive Outpatient Programs

  • Incorporating trauma informed care into all inpatient/residential daily activities

  • Trainings to address the provision of trauma informed care, documentation, billing, and mental health assessments. 


For more information regarding clinical consultations

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