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In this challenging time I am offering tele-health sessions (phone or video) in lieu of in-office or walking sessions during quarantine.  I am also offering cost effective 30 minute sessions addressing anxiety and mood disturbance. Please email for more information.  Please take care of yourselves, drink lots of water, eat foods high in antioxidants and vitamin C, take walks when/where it is safe to do so, call friends and family, and limit exposure to the news and internet.  

My Qualifications

Experienced and Compassionate Care

Services I Offer

Individual Therapy

Since 2003, I have provided clients a wide range of individualized psychological and counseling services to find their strengths, develop emotional awareness, celebrate their unique human-ness and to move on inspired and free.  I also provide specific grief and loss therapy to assist those seeking guidance to explore, honor and meaningfully incorporate your loss into your "new normal."  When you are ready to seek professional help, I am here, ready to work with you, support you, and help you gently swim out of emotional soup or gracefully bow out of the boxing ring.  We will get you to a place where you can truly move forward and thrive. 

I offer both traditional therapy in my office, as well as ecotherapy walking in nature.  My walkabout therapy sessions are 1 hour long, beginning at the meet up point for the walkabout and ending at the meet up point (example the gate at the top of North Signal Street to walk Shelf/Valley View Road). You will need to be healthy enough to walk at a gentle pace for 1 hour, although we may pause at benches for mindfulness exercises.  I recommend you bring at least one bottle of water as this helps your body and mind regulate stress.  Please dress according to the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes.

~ Leave the walls and hit the trails ~

Helpful Information and Resources

Quick Reference Studies Regarding Ecotherapy

Helpful Information and Resources

Information about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy